Executive Summary

I had read a lot about financial technology companies but amidst the pandemic, I never really got a chance to intern with such a company, so I realized the only way to improve my understanding was to observe a company. I reached out to Greeksoft, a well known company, and asked if I could know more about their role in the field.

Greekosft is a fintech company that has been a pioneer in offering algorithmic trading solution in indias niche market. They are an algorithmic development and consulting firm specializing in low latency, high frequency, algorithmic trade execution, order routing and front end solution provider. They help the firm get insights on their trading risks and have been a favored choice by firms like Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal and Sharekhan among others.

We started out with the basic information about the various markets that exist and the history about how the share market has evolved over the past years. Then we went into depth about how GreakSoft plays an important role in the trading to make it easier for brokers and market participants.

I learnt a lot about the various features their algorithms have and how they work in the market namely, GETS, GATS, Analytical Tools and their Hosting Solutions.

The feature I found most interesting was the Greaksoft easy trading system which is a CTCL based algorithm that is an ideal tool for broking houses catering to a large number of clients as it can connect multiple exchanges such as the BSE, NSE and various others, giving the user ease and convenience on one platform.

This observership really give me an insight into the various aspects of a fintech company and broadened my knowledge about the coding, development and specialization in this stream of work.