Executive Summary

Jindal cocoa was set up in 2008. It primarily exports cocoa powder and cocoa butter but also manufactures chocolate products such as blocks, spreads and syrups.

Cocoa is a very important food ingredient specialty in confections and baking. Cocoa imparts colour and flavour as well as a pleasurable 5 mouthfeel that adds value. Cocoa is derived from cocoa pods that grow on trees, typically in tropical regions. I have examined every stage of processing of cocoa bean into cocoa products that are used in chocolates, biscuits and confectionaries that determines the end result which in turn influences the quality and value of consumer products its used in. 

Learnt various processes like cleaning, alkalizing, roasting, cooling, grinding, Cocoa pressing, fine grinding, filtering, chocolate making, and mixing in great detail. Also studied working manuals of the manufacturing equipment like centrifugal stone separator, dust blower, shelcon roaster, alkalizing reactor, cooler, Nibotrum grinder, Cocoa press, ACM grinder machine, and Plute filter.

Thus studied end to end processing of Cocoa beans into cocoa products with emphasis on processes ,parameters and equipments.

Stage-wise Cocoa Processing